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(140801 mezamashi tv)


(140801 mezamashi tv)

(not so) subtle message regarding SKE RH…


Traditionally Rena fans vote in mass for Kareha, since it’s her only solo. But looks like she is subtly (lol, no!) trying to pass the message that she might prefer another song to be pushed this year. Can you guess which? 

2014 July 31st 00:56





Rena speaking (・ω・)

Votes for Request Hour are now open.
I wonder what sort of song everyone like.
There are many songs I like, so I hesitate regarding which I should vote for. (laugh)

But what I think every year is that no matter who I sing with it’s always a very enjoyable and pleasant moment.
This past year our environment changed dramatically, that’s why some songs are especially meaningful.
And so this year I shall vote for the song I want to sing.

But at the end of the day I know I’ll have fun no matter what song I perform!
May it be being reunited with old comrades, singing our old songs,
not knowing what to expect is what there is best in Request Hour after all! (laugh)

Let’s look forward to it♪




With 3 posts in less than 24h, I think it’s pretty clear lol
I have mix feelings about it because Kareha represents a lot for fans and with reasonable chances for Rena to graduate this year (she is 23 after all), boosting her solo seemed like the right thing to do.
But if she prefers Higurashi, then so be it! :)
Even if it didn’t even last a year, Rena was deeply attached to the previous Team E and took her role of Leader seriously. Voting for Higurashi would be a nice tribute to this short, but precious, time.



This is make my heart hurt …. from laugh too much

poor girl…


Matsui Jurina’s letter to Matsui Rena

To Rena-chan

Happy birhtday. And thank you for having written the letter for my birthday. I’m happy I can reply to that moment.

When we joined SKE at the beginning we had a lot of works together in Tokyo, we also were a lot of times in the same room, since I don’t have brothers, it seemed I could have a big sister and it made me happy.

I said “let’s sleep together” and though Rena-chan was sleeping I wanted to talk a lot and I ended up being a very spoiled child, I’m sorry.

Also because we are both “Matsui”, before we realized it, we were compared a lot. At that time I was still a child so I didn’t know what I should have done.

"Is it ok to behave like I did till now?", "Is it ok we have to become rivals?", a lot of feelings sprouted in me.

Our age and our behaviour are diferent, what we are in common are the surname and the height. Why we have to be compared to each other? I also thought this. But now I don’t think that anymore.

It’s because there is Rena-chan, it’s because Rena-chan is my rival if the current me exist. So, Rena-chan, during the hard times, support me. When Rena-chan is not here I’ll do my best to do Rena-chan’s part too.

We’ve always been together so they are feelings only I can understand, it’s something only I can do. That’s the same for me. There are things only Rena-chan can understand and things only Rena-chan can do. Noticing this, thinking about this, I’m really glad.

From now on too, maybe you have to keep being my good rival but, as an SKE48’s member, in order to don’t lose against other groups the next time, in order to make people think SKE48 is the best, while we support each other together, from now on too, I’d be happy if we will grow together.

Rena-chan! From now on take care of me!
Also, really, happy birthday!


松井玲奈、松井珠理奈 - google+ (2014/07/27)

Did Airin mention about Rena's birthday on her blog? Because I haven't seen anything from Airin.. What happened to RenAirin? ;_;


Airi hasn’t updated her ameblo and official blog, on google+, she doesn’t say anything either.

But in 1+1+1 wa 3 janai yo yesterday, she wished and sang Happy birthday to Rena along with Nao and Ryoha.

There are some part related too.

Airi: What were you doing at 0h today?

Rena: I was sleeping, but because everyone sent many congratulation mails, about 50 on LINE so I woke up


Airi: How old are you now?

Rena: 23

Airi: Ah, so your age are getting closer to mine

Rena*soft voice*: Right, I’m getting closer to Airin a littile ♥


Airi: I saw Rena-san in yukata, she’s really really cute

Rena: ah, thank you~

Nao: Ah, seriously Airi-san you…



Airi: It’s ok, because Rena-san is cute so it’s ok


Rena *was about to end call*: Everyone, I love you

Airi *saying immidiately*: I love you too

Rena: Love love ♥

Airi: Cute~

About what is happening to RenAirin, I don’t think I have anything to talk about it, because the outsiders can’t understand and don’t have right thought to say except the insiders.

2014-07-28 23:33:36 Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog


RenAirin as everyone is looking forward www



Furukawa(゜∀。*)Happy birthday!!

Good evening!

There was a stage performance today~~~♪

Thank you very much!

Way of falling down of the pin
in the Bowling Ganbou today is

「The ones who went to festival this year」 were left~~!

So the ones who fell down is the ones who haven’t gone to festival yet!

I. Furukawa didn’t fall down because I went to CBC Radio Festival♪w

Please look forward to the next stage performance as well♪


Today’s Chibi Airin


(Ah, it’s Rena-san’s birthday!!)


(I’ll send mail to congratulate her.)


(On the morning)


(It was a nice morning….*hehe*
*From Rena-san: Thank you♥)

Yesterday was Rena-san’s birthday♪

I sent mail to Rena-san at night
and when I woke up, she had replied~~~

Somehow, receiving a mail when waking up can make everyone happy, right~? (*^-^*)

It was a nice morning w

And today is

Reika’s birthday~~~~♪♪



Happy birthday♪

Recently I can’t meet her easily, so I feel lonely(´・ω・`)

I want to meet Reikaaaaaaaaaa

I’ll congratulate her immediately when we meet!



Disney Sea

Good evening everybody (・∀・)

Reading from left or from right,
Imade Mai reporting. (tln : 「いまでまい」in Japanese, so no matter which sense you read it from, it still gives you “Imade Mai”)

Yesterday, you know, after the late night radio program Gochamaze ended I directly headed to Maihama!

That’s exactly what you think!

Disney Sea!!


I had plans with that person


Everyone’s beloved Matsui Rena-saaaan(*゚▽゚)ノ

I had been almost a year since we had an entire day together to have fun!

To be exact, Rena-san is the only member whom I went out with since I graduated! (laugh)

I bet you’re all curious to know about yesterday so I’ll write a report about our day, ok? lol

First we met at the gate of the park.
We took our fast passes for the park and Tower of Terror, so can you guess which attraction we rode? (laugh)

Then we went to see a very plashing show!

Before it started, while I had been gone to fetch us some drinks, Rena-san went to by a towel not only for herself but for me too (゚Д゚) Such a gentle girl!!

We used our towels to hide from the blazing sun when people around us were gearing up for what was coming, making all necessary preparations to be perfectly waterproof.

Having vastly underestimated the quantity of water we would receive during the show we found ourselves defenseless with only one towel each. And so we ended sopping wet from head to toes (´ー`)“ (laugh)


And then Tower of Terror.
That one attraction where you go crazy high and suddenly fall vertically!

Rena-san was scared before we even get in, muttering some *Hiii Hiii*. (laugh)
Once in, Rena-san kept her eyes and head down the whole time. (laugh)
When it was over she was unsteady on her feet and of a very thin voice she murmured 「I thought I was a goner…」♥

We got in lot of rides!!

While we were waiting we talk about nothing and everything, playing some simple game…♪♪

Ah, one fun moment was when we went to Turtle Talk, that one attraction in which you can talk to Crash, the character from Namo. Rena-san was very inspired there, always vigorously raising her hand up. (laugh)

At that time there were only 20 people or so and Rena got selected to ask a question(・ω・)

I was wondering what exactly she would enquire and…-
「I often come here and I wanted to know how comes Crash never fails with any of his jokes?」
- that’s what she asked. (laugh)

When the attraction ended, Clash turned toward us
「All the best for you, Rena!!」
I burst out laughing (*゚▽゚)ノ

We said goodbye when the rain and thunder storm got too bad, but it had been an very fulfilling day (♥_♥)

By the way…

Inside the park we walked holding hands or arm in arm the whole time. I apologize to all the fans. But I regret nothing.


When it started pouring hard Rena-san bought an umbrella that we shared, after a moment she said「It’s the first time I pass my arm around someone’s shoulder when holding an umbrella」.
Again, sorry. (laugh)

Ahhhhhhhhhh——-! It was really a great day!!!

I didn’t have so much fun playing outside in a long time!!

If I remember any other interesting moment I’ll share them, ok? ♥ (laugh)

Thank you Rena-san!

And thank you to all of you who bear with my enamoured tone.


May we be able to go out together again soon.


「初めて人の肩抱きながら傘さしてるわ」/ 「It’s the first time I pass my arm around someone’s shoulder when holding an umbrella」

Rena you player! Imade you lucky girl! (((o°^°o)))=3


松井玲奈 - instagram (2014/07/21)

Snippet from gift 2nd stage greeting in Tokyo (2014/07/19)


From twitter :
→ Rena-chan’s parents are a lovey-dovey couple
→ Rena-mama was anxious about fans’ reaction regarding the chupa chups scene
→ Rena-chan pranked members telling them she had obtained her license (tln : she is seen driving in the movie but the car was obviously(?) towed lol)
→ The director parents approved of his work after seeing the movie

Bonus :  

Have a very embarrassed Rena after she unintentionally said adultery was fine ( °w°)ドジコ♪