( *`ω´)


Matsui Jurina’s letter to Matsui Rena

To Rena-chan

Happy birhtday. And thank you for having written the letter for my birthday. I’m happy I can reply to that moment.

When we joined SKE at the beginning we had a lot of works together in Tokyo, we also were a lot of times in the same room, since I don’t have brothers, it seemed I could have a big sister and it made me happy.

I said “let’s sleep together” and though Rena-chan was sleeping I wanted to talk a lot and I ended up being a very spoiled child, I’m sorry.

Also because we are both “Matsui”, before we realized it, we were compared a lot. At that time I was still a child so I didn’t know what I should have done.

"Is it ok to behave like I did till now?", "Is it ok we have to become rivals?", a lot of feelings sprouted in me.

Our age and our behaviour are diferent, what we are in common are the surname and the height. Why we have to be compared to each other? I also thought this. But now I don’t think that anymore.

It’s because there is Rena-chan, it’s because Rena-chan is my rival if the current me exist. So, Rena-chan, during the hard times, support me. When Rena-chan is not here I’ll do my best to do Rena-chan’s part too.

We’ve always been together so they are feelings only I can understand, it’s something only I can do. That’s the same for me. There are things only Rena-chan can understand and things only Rena-chan can do. Noticing this, thinking about this, I’m really glad.

From now on too, maybe you have to keep being my good rival but, as an SKE48’s member, in order to don’t lose against other groups the next time, in order to make people think SKE48 is the best, while we support each other together, from now on too, I’d be happy if we will grow together.

Rena-chan! From now on take care of me!
Also, really, happy birthday!

2014-07-28 23:33:36 Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog


RenAirin as everyone is looking forward www



Furukawa(゜∀。*)Happy birthday!!

Good evening!

There was a stage performance today~~~♪

Thank you very much!

Way of falling down of the pin
in the Bowling Ganbou today is

「The ones who went to festival this year」 were left~~!

So the ones who fell down is the ones who haven’t gone to festival yet!

I. Furukawa didn’t fall down because I went to CBC Radio Festival♪w

Please look forward to the next stage performance as well♪


Today’s Chibi Airin


(Ah, it’s Rena-san’s birthday!!)


(I’ll send mail to congratulate her.)


(On the morning)


(It was a nice morning….*hehe*
*From Rena-san: Thank you♥)

Yesterday was Rena-san’s birthday♪

I sent mail to Rena-san at night
and when I woke up, she had replied~~~

Somehow, receiving a mail when waking up can make everyone happy, right~? (*^-^*)

It was a nice morning w

And today is

Reika’s birthday~~~~♪♪



Happy birthday♪

Recently I can’t meet her easily, so I feel lonely(´・ω・`)

I want to meet Reikaaaaaaaaaa

I’ll congratulate her immediately when we meet!


2014-07-16 19:37:32 Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog


Furukawa(゜∀。*)With cute children.

Good evening!


I had an interview with 「TV.Bros」

which will be released on 30th!


I did it with

Ruka and Ego-chan…..ah,

with Yuna *shinning*!

The content is about….

Furukawa taught about funny things to these two w

It’ll be released on 30th!

Please wait and see!♪

Now is today of Chibi Airin


(*rattle* *rattle*)




(*rattle* *dripping~* *rattle* )


(*rattle* So in order not to drooling, let me use a mask. *rattle*)

Ah, no,

The drool doesn’t come out all the time!?

Once, right? Once.

Because it’s embarrassing if this happens, isn’t it?

Well then,

It seems I have to get up early tomorrow.

I’ll try my best to get up


Can I try my best to…

sleep? w



I want to read The Moonmins.


2014-07-06 12:36:47 Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog


Furukawa(゜∀。*)Bring up.


Thank you for the handshake event yesterday!

The password of yesterday
seems to have slightly high-level w

I did it and had fun myself wwww

Nagareboshi-san’s jokes
By all means everyone, please watch it, okay~?♪


Today of Chibi Airin


(Haetorigusa came to my house.) (T/N: Haetorigusa = Venus flytrap)


(Nice to meet you, Haetorigusa-san♪)



If it was big
It would be scary, right? www

But it’s cute♪

I have to prevent it from withering..

by watering it exactly

I also have to provide it nutrition…..

This carnivorous plant

really feel like a pet♪

I also have to give it feed w

If someone has brought up a carnivorous plant
Please tell me the tips to bring it up by all means!


Today, there is GALAXY 2-shot event!

Way to be photographed cutely….w


Getting wet in photo w


2014-05-21 13:11:00 Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog



Furukawa(゜∀。*)Playing with Chibi Airin

Today since the morning
I’ve got to work!!
Last night
Although there was something I had to do
I was just defeated by the temptation
I ended up
drawing of my interests just a little.
Here is the drawing I like


(Right hand ->

Index finger

Next using the index finger and thumb together
Then try to take photos


If you actually do it


Like this

Now, I’m considering,

If you use smart phone to see
It’s like photos taken by smart phone~~!!
Please try to practise
using personal computer to see…←
I borrowed from a friend….

From today
There is full of work!


Let’s go!!



Team Hormone vs Dance

Original: er…i forgot (this has been in my folder all along untranslated)




From Shinoda Mariko’s Twitter 03.31.2014:

1st pic:

"Report for you…。

I, Shinoda Mariko、、、

Will get married

From now on I wish for your continuous and unchanging guidance( *˙-˙* )”

2nd pic:

"Oh! In fact, I have one child

It is said we look alike, what do you think?”

3rd pic:

"Then suddenly I grew taller!!Look!(」・e・)」”

4th pic:

Shii-chan: "Though you’re poor liar, are you alright? lol"

Mariko: "E? (:D)| ̄|_ =3 bu~tsu (TN: fart sound) Was I caught?

Maritroll (・∀・)


[G+] Yamamoto Sayaka 2014.03.18 23:06
上西生誕終わりました!!Jonishi’s birthday celebration ended!!
ここ最近、公演に沢山出られて超嬉しいし公演も楽しいしThese days, I’m really happyto appear a lot in the theater performances,the theater performances were also fun and
今日は上西推しの方が沢山入って下さってて良かった〜って思ったし皆の名前もしっかり呼んでくれたり凄く嬉しかったです(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)Today, a lot of peoplewho are Jonishi oshi came,"That’s great~" I thought andthey also called everyone’s name vigorouslyI’m very happy (∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)
ありがとうございました!Thank you very much!


[G+] Yamamoto Sayaka 2014.03.18 23:06

Jonishi’s birthday celebration ended!!

These days, I’m really happy
to appear a lot in the theater performances,
the theater performances were also fun and

凄く嬉しかったです(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)
Today, a lot of people
who are Jonishi oshi came,
"That’s great~" I thought and
they also called everyone’s name vigorously
I’m very happy (∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)

Thank you very much!

Deguchi Aki’s Graduation Announcement


Thank you for having organized such a wonderful Birthday Celebration today.
My 25th year has been an incredibly intense one, the fact that I was able to sing [Anata to Christmas Eve] in 1st place of last year’s Request Hour was something very relevant for me and I was also able to stand on Nagoya Dome’s Stage, achieving my dream as a member of SKE48.
Thank you so much for having supported me until now, I mean it.

And I shall take this occasion to inform you of something.
I, Deguchi Aki, will graduate from SKE48 on April.
This is a very positive graduation and, as a 1st generation member, I’ve had the privilige to learn so many things in these about 6 years of activity.

Even though it feels sad to graduate, in order to follow my dream - the path to become a singer - I want to start to professionally study singing, so I chose to graduate from SKE48.
I’m sure many things are going to happen from now on, but I want to go on living while keeping in my heart all the memories of the 6 years I spent in SKE48.

The precise day of my graduation has not been decided yet, I’ll let you know about it later on.
Please keep supporting SKE48 and Deguchi Aki.

From Furukawa Airi’s Ameba Blog - 13\02\2014


Only some questions.


●What is Takayanagi Akane to you?

A bird who gets embarrassed if I call her without any suffix.

●What do you like about Akane-chan?

The fact that she gets embarrassed if I call her without any suffix.

●If you were to compare members to elements of a family?

Dad Nakanishi
Mom Mieko
Big Bro Nakanishi
Dog Nanako

●Are you not flirting with Matsui Rena-chan anymore?

Sure I am!

●Who’s your real favorite? Churi or Rena-san?

To say it’s Rena-san feels profane,

to say it’s Churi feels creepy.

●What kind of man do you like?

Someone with no leg hair.

Matsui Rena’s Ameba Blog - 05\02\2014




It’s Rena(・ω・)

All right, I’m going to look back on
Nagoya Dome today as well.

This time I’ll write about the Kareha no Station
performance in the first day.

Since it was in the Dome, there was some kind of set-up behind the performance. Namely…I had members turn into my skirt!


The bottom part of this skirt…is made of members.

Truth is I would’ve liked a type of set-up that could’ve allowed all the members to be under the spotlight in the very same way, and not something that had only me tasting the spotlight as the protagonist, but even so…all the research students worked really hard in order to have the performance turn out to be a success.

During both the rehearsal and the actual performance, they were so amazingly cute as they took peeks at me from the openings of the skirt with playful expressions.

It’s all thanks to the fact that they did their best not to move at all while keeping a very hard posture, that when the skirt opened the audience left a huge “Waaaaaa!” out.


Arisa, Aasa, Nakkii, Ruka, Yukachan, Sakipon, Yumechi…thank you!
I can’t wait for the moment in which, the next time, you’ll be the ones under the spotlight as the protagonists!



I’m quite worried, because it looks like Sakipon
injured her foot during a Stage.
I hope she’ll get better soon!


Like what I promised yesterday…


Here I made the sub of 1+1 wa 2 janaiyo of the latest WMatsui video. Of course with the better translation and English *laugh*

download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?uo4o78p9cc24dt0




Kojima Haruna (kojiharunyan) Twitter 12.15.2013:

T: “AKB48’s Kojima Haruna and Funassi’s picture, and Nagashima Shigeo’s picture are too surreal lol http://t.co/T3kWBca66k What is this? Lol”

just imagined haruna saying “nanda kore?!” rofl(^∇^)

Nani kore?!! XD


[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2013.11.29 11:49
Because it seems like there are a lot of SayaMilky oshis,
I tried to process the picture (OvO)おもしろいでしょ?笑
It’s intersting, right? laughs
[G+] Yamamoto Sayaka 2013.11.29 12:40
Why would I feel shy? (°_°)


[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2013.11.29 11:49


Because it seems like there are a lot of SayaMilky oshis,

I tried to process the picture (OvO)


It’s intersting, right? laughs


[G+] Yamamoto Sayaka 2013.11.29 12:40


Why would I feel shy? (°_°)